Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Getting Viggy With it:

The very Pretty Yora Vig made a post on her blog about one of the silly little items I made a Dressmaker's Dummy to be more exact. Viggy (which I'm sure will degrade into veggie and then eventually Miss Cabbage) like most thought it was made of sculpted prims at first but it is in fact an avatar accessory.
Yora is loads of fun to be around despite our different outlooks on Dolls. You know you're having sylie good fun when you're in a upscale dress shop with Yora dressed as Rainbow Brite setting up lighting for a photo shoot while "Loli's with Guns" shop in the background.

I'm quite glad that her and a few other people enjoy it so much, I had originally made the dummy to be a builder's and shopkeeper's aid. The idea had come to me roughly a month and a half ago when Miss Szilvia (one of the most beautiful and respected women in Sarah's county as I call it) had difficulty creating something for an avatar. Of course at the time my skills as a builder weren't quite what they are now so I had put it on the back burner.

I've always found it interesting that if I just sit and think of things to make I can't. I need some sort of inspirational spark from someone or something to get the gears turning, but when this does happen it often leads to something quite wonderful.

Final Thought:Emotion is the inspiration for creation good or bad..

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Yora Vig said...

Heh, all I can think now is, nanana na nana, nanana na na.

And I have to tall you, everyone I've shown it too seemes to love it!