Saturday, December 15, 2007

Wait, You're a doll?......

In my exploration of the Second Life "Grid" people have and still do ask upon me telling them I'm a Doll what is I do and some even have asked what I "Get from it".

Well the more civil ones at least, others have declared me a "Child AV" that was created for some grand scheme so I can jump through a loophole and engage in some sort of secretive digital sexual role play because clearly I'm some sort of horny pervert. I just write these people off as ones who think too much with their naughty bits.
Ahem where was I? ah yes.

When I'm speaking to the inquisitive with more than half a mind I'm often at a loss for words or find it difficult to explain exactly, I have however come up with the following.
  • For me it's not about submission
  • It's not about being an object "Object Says: Hello Avatar!" (Sorry had to do it)
  • It allows me to bring out my artful and creative side and it sparks my imagination

Dolls were created to be a child's little imaginary yet tangible friend. A little girl could share secrets, sadness, joy, and her life in general be it imaginary or not with her Dollie and the doll would always give her the support she needed.

This is what I love about dolls in Second Life the wonderful cuteness of it all is just a little bonus. (and I am cute admit it) I spoke with the rather high spirited Yora Vig about it the other night and jokingly coined the term "Orthodox Clockwork Dollery" which I've actually come to like despite it's apparent lack of "cute". Yora is a great person despite our different view on dolls.

Final Thought:Why do I wind down at the most emba.....................


Yora Vig said...

Hi hi! Just wanted to post a comment or two :)

Yeah, I know waht you mean about people freaking out about dolls and ageplay. I have a friend that playes a short AV. And she gets harrased about it ALL the time. People seem to forget, there are short people in RL too!

I do love your view on dolls. Very refreshing, especially when most people in SL just don't "get" it

Runeberry said...

I have the same problem.
I'm around 4 foot tall to 5 foot tall depending on mood, and somehow people think I am a child.
They seem to miss the fact that I have adult curves, wear heels, and do all manner of adult things. Just because I'm not a sexual person does not mean I am automatically a child AV.

Me thinks they doth protest too much.