Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Under the Tree with Jessica and Me:

With Christmas upon us comes the spirit of giving and the time when lovely little toys get to be the the dismay of the star atop the tree all that hard work without recognition but I digress.
Nearly every household's Christmas tree will have some type of doll under it, be it a stuffed animal, a Barbie, or even a GI-Joe, yes a wonderful time to be a Doll.

Here in SL just like the real world makers of goods try to cash in on this joyous spending spree and while there's lots of junk out there some things are simply wonderful. Luckily I was able to find some of these "wonderful things" and they just happened to be dresses.

Today for review are two dresses from the "*Wishbox*" brand's foray into EGL clothes, *Wishbox* is of course run by Wisp Jinn and is an established maker of Medieval fantasy outfits. Her shop is in-world at Kan Lara, 121, 63, 401.

The first outfit, up is, "Candy Cane Lolita", A very cute Christmas themed dress adorned with a candy cane motif on the skirt headdress and striped stockings. The added bonus of alternate white stockings was a nice touch as well.
The texture and prim work are wonderful (the little mints on the headdress look edible) and it really is a sweet little dress for the holidays.

And next up Is a Lovely Dress called "Velveteen Ribbons" in red.(It also comes in Black and Teal)

A wonderfully Detailed outfit that while most likely made for a holiday theme is wonderful for everyday wear for Dolls and well anyone who would dress like this every day in Second Life. Like the last dress the textures and prim work are well done and the amount of fitting needed was quite minimal for both I and Jessica.

The Candy Cane dress was 399L while the Velveteen Ribbons dress was 550L worth every bit if not more, the only Issue Jessica and I really had was that they were Mod, Transfer, no copy rather then Copy,Mod, No Transfer, however if you're worried you can IM Wisp Jinn and she will fit it for you. So remember come Christmas morning play nice with your toys boys and girls, and don't neglect your older ones too.

Final Thought:Took me Hours to build that silly little under the tree photo set...


Anonymous said...

oooo I had found that Candy Cane dress too and thought it was so adorable!

Looks great on you...and good work on the blog...I am a dedicated reader who may have to get in some dollie time soon =)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for writing about my dresses!

If anyone does want a copy/mod version, just IM me and I'll fix one up. :)

~Honoka~ said...

Thank you for making such wonderful Dresses Wisp.
I'm excited to see what you have up for us next.