Monday, December 17, 2007

Alts Dolls Dollts? Bolts? Boats? Wait what?

I Decided to play Dollie for a few days to unwind (oh god not again) and realized that all the "connections" and Responsibilities I had as a Doll maker Kinda got in the way which made this whole "vacation" worthless and even a bit counter productive.
Don't get me wrong I love being the sexy eccentric Doll maker, but I also love being a cute adorable little Dollie, and can pop into either or's mood at the drop of a Frilly tiny top hat.

Now making an Alt has popped into my calculating clockwork contraption of a head at times but then I get all obsessive compulsive about things picking a name transferring the right items actually creating the account which LL has made a sloppy mess of heaven forbid if you can have one top account with little aliases heck even IRC nicks are easier to link.
And of course there's the oddity of talking with myself if I logged both AVs in at once which I admit would be very fun!

I'm just curious reader(s) if any of you have these personality balancing problems? I realize I'm looking for justifiable input to sway me one way or the other but despite my insecurities it's still an interesting topic in my mind. I even had to make up a sort of continuity back story linking those two aspects of myself, which is honestly an upside because that kind of imaginary make believe stuff I love.

I'm not obsessive with minor details one bit that's just silly. Now if you'll excuse me it's Monday so I need to go re-wallpaper the shop....

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Anonymous said...

Hey hey, I decided to get on here and say hello before I have to pop off and do lots more rl stuff, the one fun thing I do outside of my house...Billiards! :) anyways, miss you lots, and I hoooooope to get to play with other's later, *prays and hopes* It would be nice to get some wind time.

Hope you're feeling better.