Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Let's be topical and speak of obscure SL current affairs!

Even being away from SL for several months for the most part has not stopped the grapevine delivering me grape after grape of gossip and affairs from around the grid. I speak of course of the NCI debacle and it's related little drama-lets. I know some of the helpers, staff and regulars of the area somewhat well and it saddens me to see such behaviours on either side of the little fence that's been created.

One case in particular is Imnotgoing "Immy" Sideways, a person whom is actually quite sweet on the inside, however the red threads of fate had other plans for Immy it would seem. Now then where should I start?

Immy is a person of rather good moral but suffers from very low self esteem and other issues of self worth, quite honestly to a dangerous degree, the type of person who would take the punches and not fight back for not wanting to harm another person saying such things as "I deserve it" and "I'm nothing" Et cetera. Without going into detail I can say that Immy has had a rather rough life since childhood, things Nobody should be subjected too really.

Immy however has the horrible habit, perhaps compulsion? To be combative in nature when it comes to arguments and debated conversation, this has lead her down many paths of woe she could simply have avoided, another note is that she seems to hate the masking and bending of truth or fact so much so that it sends her into a distraught spiral of worry and anger. Which leads to questioning herself, which ultimately leads to a depressive funk I've seen in very few people before.

Now you may be wondering what this all has to do with the over-reaching situation and other parties involved. I will say this, as i don't have any first hand knowledge of these other people involved I feel that I am not qualified to comment. Taking sides as it were really never solves these types of issues in the long run after all. I simply speak of the one person I do know rather well in all this muddled mess of an e-war or whatever one wishes to address it as.

I'm sure I sound like her publicist or some sort of PR sorceress however I assure you I'm simply stating what I see and know, because after all truth speaks for itself, those who bend it, obscure it, taint it, know that they would not stand up against it's light and beauty.

Of course, one not need take my word on such things but as always I leave the floor open to comments, but more readily, Questions, because I know more about this interesting person then they themselves do at times.

I will leave you with this. "The world upsets us as we upset its balance."

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