Tuesday, July 13, 2010

100% New ~CC~ Key engine!

Hello darlings, I'm proud to present a completely revamped and exciting new line of Clockwork Cuties brand doll keys! Designed with doll simulation in mind my new keys offer a seamless experience in being a clockwork doll thanks to our new Spring Simulation System or "SSS" as we like to call it. Under this new system every movement action the doll makes causes the mainspring to deplete at a different rate. Because of this unit based timer-less system unwinding can be unexpected for the doll enhancing the nature of being at the mercy of a mechanical body.

The second most noticeable change is the method used for winding our new ~CC~ Keys. Foregoing a traditional menu based "pick a time" system we decided upon a semi-interactive click and hold system. Allowing a finer amount of control over a key's spring tension this method also allows for more interactivity with a the doll.

Other wonderful features include scripted texture change allowing for several key materials, a standard suite of RLV restrictions on wind down Animations, sounds, the return of our dual key movements and a more refined quicker dolly dress up system.

Finally with the relaunch comes an automated update system forever ensuring that you're up to date with the latest bug fixes, and future planned features. And, for a limited time until the end of July we'll be offering a trade in discount to any current ~CC~ Key owners towards a new version Key!

So drop on by any ~CC~ location and check out our new keys or feel free to IM me with any questions you may have!

With much love,

~Honoka Watanabe~

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