Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm back and with Cool Stuff too!!

Well I'm finally back! Ok ok so technically i've been back for a while but nothing intresting to write about that and the horrible writer's block that thankfully I seem to be over now. I've been somewhat busy with some new items avatar accesories to be more exact.

First up is somthing very neat for all you "Digital" Dolls out there a pair of "Mecha girl ears" isnpired by the cute HMX-12 Multi from 'To Heart' I've made them Mod Copy no trans so you can get the perfect fit.

Next up is what I'm the most proud of, a 200+ prim Doll made as an avatar accesory. She's nameable, has twelve difrent dress and trim textures, nekomimi accesories eyeglasses and changeable hair options. Sespite the high primage I went for a cute simple look which I think I captured well.

Cute huh? She's loveable and hugable and cute as well a dollie, here's the SLX Link for this loveable ball of cute prims.

I'll probably have a more "Newsy" update later today or tomorow for all the crazy doll lady talk but in the meantime, yep I'm back!

Final Thought:I've forgotten how to write well (T.T)

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