Tuesday, August 12, 2008

All Dolled Up..

Welcome, How have you been..? That's good to hear. I've been busy myself in case you haven't guessed. Building, helping, fixing, learning, all those fun little things. ~Smile~

With the coming of what feels like an early autumn is a transfer in ownership at All Dolled Up, for those of you who don't know ADU was a quaint little place run by a wonderful woman named Subversive Vavoom. The "doll box" as I so often called it sold unique doll related items from the talented creators in the rather (comparatively) small community within SL. From Jessica's wonderfully detailed prim items, and Zilvara's abstract artful doll keys, to Subversive's gorgous skins. I say was because a good portion of these items and Subversive herself are now gone.

Now, I'm by no means trying to be negative or resistive to change which is of course a natural thing that most people would display to varying degrees but myself and various others who will remain nameless feel that things are somehow..."off" almost an uncanny valley to what we're accustomed to and expect from such a place. Now I could expound on these comments feelings etc. etc. that I've been privy too however such... unpleasant things really have no place here and I would hate to be labeled as someone unscrupulous by others. I'm very curious on the opinions of you my reader(s) on the new All Dolled up because everyone's opinion is a little slice of something greater the collective whole if you will.

I always say I'll post here more regularly but never seem to find the time too so I've given Rosemarie the go ahead to post anything here she sees fit, if anything she'll keep all (one) of you interested in the eccentricities that float about myself and those who associate with me.

~Smile~ I'll see you soon I'm sure of it.



Unknown said...

It is a shame to see a talented designer leave. It makes places like SL a little less active and joyful.
I do not think you are being resistive, it is just a shame things like this happen to good people even though change always happens. As long as there are still a few out there who keep going and not giving up, there will still be those of us who will still have some happiness in SL.

Anonymous said...

I also agree that it is a truely sad thing to see Miss Vavoom leave. I used to rather enjoy ADU... now it feels a bit too much like a club.Constant party announcements and such. And the ideas I have seen come from the designers strike me as more of a BDSM type of orientation. Less and less of the relaxed atmosphere I came there to explore. It's not so child-like anymore. More..I gather ..adult oriented is the word. Which is far from the type of dollie I enjoy playing as. Maybe one day I should visit Rosemarie and help make a place for dollies again?