Friday, January 18, 2008

Look I made a Cube!

Nearly everything one builds starts as a single prim, It's your imagination or creativity that's most important tool. (well that and it's nice to know how to actually use the build system)

And building is what I've been doing well partly, more tossing some ideas around my head I usually need a fair amount of free time to work. Since my last Post I've made a Clockwork doll "ticker" that allows you to start and stop your ticking sound with a HUD attachment, My little house Modeled after one I used to own on the mainland, some persocom/Chobits styled eyes and a Tree AV type thing.

Of course...or maybe I should say "of curse" my PC finally slipped off into the great LAN in the sky so I've been away from SL for nearly a week. I should be returning by Thursday or Friday if all goes well. Despite the horrible week of having a cat and my PC die coupled with awful depression I now feel...refreshed. My head or senses rather keep telling me that it's spring which has rejuvenated me in a way I suppose.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

came and saw your Tree.
its super cool. good for jumping out at wolves and saving little red riding hoods...maybe?

-Pye x