Thursday, December 13, 2007


Well here it is folks the dreaded awkward first post! May it's rigidity Be lost to the ages or the pits of the Blogger system. All silliness aside I've decided to use this as a sort of place to collect my thoughts, ramblings ideas, etc. about "Clockwork Dollery" as I call it in Second Life.

I know what you're thinking reader "Great another worthless blog about sexual submission in an over glorified chat room that eats Disk space." well you would be right however...

The Dollies I "create" are of a different breed..errr build. Sweet, cute, unique as close to how a "real" clockwork & and magic little Doll would be I'll of course extrapolate more if I actually have any readers but for now I shall say farewell my little Dollies and hope to see you again as I share my cute little Second Life with you.

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